• Dog
    01:37 14.02.2018

    ‘Other than Squirrels’: Terrier Seeks to Represent Almost All Kansans in Governor’s Race (PHOTO)

  • Los Angeles police
    16:53 30.12.2017

    Lethal Swatting: Online Gaming Feud Causes Deadly Cop Shooting

  • The BradCast
    11:19 11.12.2017

    Moore, Moore, Moore...and Other Vital News

  • The BradCast
    10:34 30.11.2017

    'Trigger' Warning: GOP's Last Minute Tax Maneuver Proves 'This is All a Scam'

  • Audi R8
    20:27 15.11.2017

    Thrill-Seeker Miraculously Survives After Crazy Somersault Above the Car (VIDEO)

  • The BradCast
    21:10 07.11.2017

    'Tidal Wave' Election for Dems; How Blue States Can Take Action on Gun Violence

  • Joseph Manuel Hunter, center, is escorted by Thai police commandos to Police Aviation Division after being arrested, in Bangkok, Thailand, Thursday, Sept. 26, 2013.
    18:05 18.10.2017

    Ex-US Army Sniper Instructor Charged With Murder-for-Hire in the Philippines

  • The BradCast
    21:27 01.08.2017

    GAO Creates Fake Website, Obtained Million Dollars Worth of Weapons, for Free

  • Handcuffs
    02:15 10.06.2017

    US Man Charged With Hate Crime in Deadly Kansas Bar Shooting

  • The BradCast
    23:36 09.06.2017

    'Conservatism' Failing from Topeka to Tulsa to the River Thames

  • The BradCast
    21:33 05.06.2017

    Trump is Impeaching Himself, But Dems Should Help Make It Official

  • The BradCast
    15:55 05.05.2017

    New Phoenix Election Chief Says 'Nearly 91,000' Citizens Left Off Voter Rolls

  • The BradCast
    11:41 01.05.2017

    Ignoring Gun Violence, Denying Climate Science and Illusory Tax Reform

  • Globe
    03:15 19.04.2017

    Archaeologist Claims He’s Found Great Lost Metropolis in American Plains

  • The BradCast
    11:54 12.04.2017

    Federal Court (Again) Finds TX Intentionally Discriminated

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    12:03 04.04.2017

    About That 'Hack' of Georgia's US House Special Election

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    12:41 03.04.2017

    Big Coal's Last Gasp (and the Senate SCOTUS Filibuster's Final Stand?)

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    10:48 29.03.2017

    Good Luck With That: Trump Signs Exec Order to Gut Obama Climate Policy

  • The BradCast
    12:35 11.03.2017

    About That OTHER Constitutional Option for Removing a President

  • Indians hold placards in front of the cremation pyre of Srinivas Kuchibhotla, a 32-year-old engineer who was killed in an apparently racially motivated shooting in a crowded Kansas bar, at a crematorium in Hyderabad, India, Tuesday, Feb.28, 2017
    14:39 01.03.2017

    India Won’t Issue Demarche to US Over Killing of Indian in Kansas, Says Satisfied With Response