• Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe stands beside the Japanese characters of kanji which make up Reiwa, the new imperial era
    10:35 22.07.2019

    Abe's Coalition Fails to Gain Majority Needed to Amend Constitution in Upper House Vote

  • More than 30 people were killed in an arson attack on Kyoto Animation's offices and studio in Japan on 18 July
    11:26 19.07.2019

    Kyoto Animation Arson Suspect Identified - Reports

  • An inflatable extraterrerial alien toy
    05:06 19.07.2019

    No Evidence Aliens Have Visited Earth - Japanese Astronomers

  • Japanese Foreign Minister Taro Kono
    02:11 19.07.2019

    Japan FM to Summon South Korean Envoy Over WWII Forced Labour - Reports

  • Ambulance. Japan
    06:50 18.07.2019

    At Least 20 People Presumed Dead After Fire at Kyoto Animation Studio - Reports

  • South Korean merchants attend a rally to denounce Japanese government's decision on export to South Korea in front of the Japanese embassy in Seoul
    03:12 17.07.2019

    Seoul Domestic Economy Issue is 'Fertile Environment' for Spat with Tokyo Over North Korea - Pundit

  • A container ship arrives at a port in Tokyo (File)
    16:10 16.07.2019

    Japan-S Korea Trade Spat Deepens Over Disputed Accounts of Trade Ministers' Meeting

  • Glass of beer
    15:19 15.07.2019

    Japanese Police Charge Teenager for Importing North Korean Beer - Reports

  • Court
    00:56 12.07.2019

    Japanese Fishing Firm Fined $1.5Mln for Breaking US Pollution Laws

  • ‘Gotta go!’: Octopus Pops Out of Shell, Flees Japanese Fishing Boat
    00:30 12.07.2019

    ‘Gotta go!’: Octopus Pops Out of Shell, Flees Japanese Fishing Boat

  • Noctilucent clouds over Uppsala, Sweden
    10:21 11.07.2019

    Study Sees No Solid Evidence for Man-Made Climate Change

  • Japanese yen notes
    09:20 11.07.2019

    South Korean FM Shares Concerns Over Japanese Trade Restrictions With Pompeo

  • Atlantis
    21:44 07.07.2019

    Ancient Myths or Aliens? UFO Hunter Spies 'Asian Atlantis' on the Seabed Near Japan

  • People wait to be rescued as floodwaters caused by Typhoon Etau engulf their homes.
    09:01 04.07.2019

    Flooding and Landslide Warnings in Japan Force More Than a Million People to Evacuate

  • Pedestrians wade through flood waters on a road following torrential rains brought on by Typhoon Etau in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka prefecture, central Japan on September 8, 2015
    09:00 02.07.2019

    Almost 850,000 Japanese Citizens Recommended to Leave Homes Over Heavy Rainfall – Reports

  • A village in Yuzhno-Kurilsk on Kunashir Island of the Greater Kuril Ridge
    12:17 01.07.2019

    G20 Website Features Video With Russian Kuril Islands Shown as Part of Japan

  • Japanese yen notes
    08:46 01.07.2019

    South Korea Summons Japanese Envoy to Protest Restrictions on Exports - Reports

  • Japanese whaling vessel the Nisshin Maru returns to the Shimonoseki port in southwestern Japan after it and two other vessels hunted 333 minke whales in the Antarctic Ocean
    06:12 01.07.2019

    Japan Resumes Commercial Whaling for First Time in More than 30 Years

  • U.S. President Donald Trump speaks with Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman during family photo session with other leaders and attendees at the G20 leaders summit in Osaka, Japan, June 28, 2019.
    21:20 29.06.2019

    Video Showing Apparent Trump "Joke" on Saudi Crown Prince at G20 Summit Appears Online

  • 14:55 29.06.2019

    Abe After Talks With Putin: It Is Now More Clear What Issues to Resolve to Sign Peace Deal