• Fishing in Canada
    18:44 25.10.2016

    Pack Your Bags and Pick Your Vacation: Lonely Planet's Top Ten Places to Visit

  • World in Focus
    19:53 07.10.2016

    Morocco Goes to the Polls | Fracking Debate Reignited Across UK

  • World in Focus
    19:31 04.10.2016

    Flotilla Aims to Break Gaza Blockade | Anti-gov Protests Continue in Ethiopia

  • World in Focus
    19:35 03.10.2016

    Colombians Reject Peace Deal | ‘Black Monday’ Brings Thousands to Polish Streets

  • World in Focus
    21:59 29.09.2016

    Claim of Chemical Weapons' Use in Sudan | Sarkozy Re-election Bid Hit By Scandal

  • World in Focus
    19:42 08.09.2016

    Corruption in the Maldives Government | Iran and Saudi Arabia’s War of Words

  • World in Focus
    20:09 06.09.2016

    US President Obama Visits Laos | UK Becomes 2nd Biggest Global Arms Dealer

  • Drug addicts and homeless gather at area known as Bronx street in downtown in Bogota, Colombia, Monday April 1, 2013
    18:53 05.09.2016

    Welcome to Bogota’s Bronx Street: Hell in the Heart of Colombia

  • World in Focus
    20:11 25.08.2016

    Columbian Peace Deal With FARC Rebels | Trump Hosts UKIP’s Nigel Farage

  • ZubaBox
    21:21 01.07.2016

    Colombia Debuts Containers Providing Internet Access to the Poor

  • Counter narcotics police carry bags containing cocaine seized in Chinacota, near Colombia's northeastern border with Venezuela (File)
    19:15 03.05.2016

    US Imposes Sanctions on Colombian Kingpin for Narcotrafficking

  • Zika virus mosquitoes
    06:14 08.02.2016

    Business, Political Challenges Holding Back Anti-Virus Vaccine

  • Police handcuffs
    09:05 12.11.2015

    Missouri University Police Detain Two Suspects Over Shooting Threats

  • The University of Missouri
    10:46 11.11.2015

    Shooting Threat Against Missouri University African-Americans Posted Online

  • A cop fights a student at Spring Valley High School.
    01:20 27.10.2015

    School Officer Chokes and Slams Female Student Sitting at Her Desk (VIDEO)

  • Stripper
    01:34 24.10.2015

    Drug Agents in Prostitution Scandal Get Hefty Bonuses from the Government