• Russia seeks to extend border on Arctic continental shelf
    07:21 14.08.2018

    Army-2018 Forum's Agenda Includes National Security in Arctic - Russian MoD

  • Arctic
    15:47 15.09.2016

    Global Economy Needs the Arctic - Experts

  • A worker is pictured on May 29, 2009 at the Mongstad oil refinery in western Norway, the most polluting of the country. The refinery chimneys belch out 1,7 million tonnes of carbon dioxide into the air per year, yet with the new pilot system of channeling the carbon dioxide, set for 2011, it may greatly contribute to the fight against global warming.
    15:28 15.09.2016

    Norway Hopes to Resuscitate Oil Industry With Arctic Projects

    Oil in Turmoil
  • Harsh Beauty of the Russian Arctic
    15:01 14.09.2016Photo15

    Harsh Beauty of the Russian Arctic

  • Russian polar explorers work to set up a new drifting station in the Arctic
    18:24 12.09.2016

    Denmark Rejects Russia's Proposal for Bilateral Talks on Territorial Claims in Arctic

  • World Wildlife Fund
    20:48 08.09.2016

    WWF Welcomes Russia's Arctic Energy Development Freeze - Policy Officer

  • An Arctic dawn
    23:48 07.09.2016

    Russian Scientists Developing Drifting Station to Research Arctic Region

  • The two-day annual exercise, codenamed “Barents-2015,” will train for at-sea ship and aircraft crew search and rescue operations, as well as oil spill clean-ups in the areas of the Arctic sea off the northern coasts of Norway and Russia
    10:51 07.09.2016

    Russian Helicopters Expects Latin America to Show Interest in Arctic Aircraft

    Russia's Army-2016 Military Expo
  • Russian Minister of Economic Development Aleksey Ulyukayev
    16:50 02.09.2016

    Russia, Japan Discuss Joint Investments in Arctic Projects at EEF Forum - Economy Minister

  • A little auk (Alle-alle) flies near the Kronebeene glacier in the Svalbard archipelago, in the Arctic Ocean, on July 21, 2015
    04:29 02.09.2016

    Russia to Continue Int’l Environmental Expeditions to Arctic

  • View of Alaska
    22:44 01.09.2016

    US Geospatial Intelligence Agency Releases First Unclassified 3-D Maps of Alaskan Arctic

  • Kara-Winter 2015 Arctic expedition
    21:47 01.09.2016

    Russia to Set Up Over 10 Rescue Centers in Arctic by 2020 - Security Council

  • Krasin icebreaker operated by FESCO Group during mooring at the Vladivostok port. The icebreaker has completed navigation in the Eastern Arctic region, providing pilotage of the vessels along the Northern Sea Route
    17:38 01.09.2016

    Putin Prioritizes Building Ships for Arctic and Northern Sea Route

  • Iceberg floats in the sea near Qeqertarsuaq, Disko Island, Greenland
    13:21 01.09.2016

    Denmark Stakes on Drones and Greenlanders to Back its Arctic Claims

  • Refugees walk alongside there bikes to the Norwegian border crossing station at Storskog after crossing the border from Russia on November 12, 2015 near Kirkenes
    13:19 31.08.2016

    Norway Admits Arctic Migrants Come 'Because It's Easy', Not Because of 'Secret Russian Plot'

    Major Migrant Crisis in Europe
  • An Arctic dawn
    18:09 30.08.2016

    Russia Insists Global Powers Won’t Fight Over Arctic’s Resources

  • US B-52 Stratofortress strategic bomber
    16:56 12.08.2016

    What Are US Strategic Bombers Doing Snooping Around Russia's Arctic Borders?

  • Atlant
    13:27 12.08.2016

    Russia Prepares $240Bln Project to Connect Siberia, Arctic Involving Airships

  • Royal Canadian Navy's Halifax-class frigate HMCS Charlottetown sets sail in the Bosphorus, on its way to the Black Sea in Istanbul, Turkey.
    21:11 11.08.2016

    Canada Deploys 2 Ships to Arctic to Conduct Surveillance Patrols - Defense Department

  • Visitors at the festival. (File)
    12:04 11.08.2016

    Over a Thousand Guests to Attend Arctic Festival in Teriberka