• T-14 Armata tank during the final rehearsal of the Moscow military parade, dedicated to the WWII Victory Day in Europe.
    09:58 09.05.2019

    74th Victory Day Military Parade Held in Moscow (VIDEO)

  • Two Soviet tankmen sitting on a disabled Tiger tank. The Kursk Bulge
    16:10 12.07.2018

    75th Anniversary of Prokhorovka, Most Brutal Tank Battle in History: Top 5 Facts

  • The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Moscow's Alexander Garden
    15:24 09.05.2018

    WATCH: Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Moscow Archive Video

    2018 Victory Day Celebrations
  • March of Immortal Regiment Moscow regional patriotic public organization on Red Square
    13:08 09.05.2018

    WATCH LIVE: The March of the Immortal Regiment in Moscow

    2018 Victory Day Celebrations
  • German delegation at the signing of the German instrument of surrender. May 8, 1945. Berlin
    10:55 09.05.2018

    WATCH Signing of the German Instrument of Surrender Archive Video

    2018 Victory Day Celebrations
  • T-14 Armata tank during the final rehearsal of the Moscow military parade, dedicated to the WWII Victory Day in Europe.
    09:58 09.05.2018

    LIVE UPDATES: Victory Day Military Parade Held in Russian Capital (VIDEO)

    2018 Victory Day Celebrations
  • Soviet soldiers marching at the May 1 parade in Berlin
    22:39 08.05.2018

    From Real Heroism to the Film Reel: Archives Reveal People Behind Soviet WWII Epics

  • Spring Has Arrived light show held as part of the Circle of Light Moscow International Festival on the Manege Central Exhibition Hall on Manezh Square in Moscow.
    21:00 29.04.2018

    WATCH Moscow's Manege Exhibition Hall Turn Into Giant Canvas for Hero City Light Show

  • Paratroopers, order bearers Galina Metlyaeva and Evgenia Leonova
    13:36 08.03.2018

    Russian MoD Declassifies Docs About Soviet Women's Feats During WWII

  • Great Patriotic War of 1941-45. Soviet aircraft bomb enemy's defenses near Leningrad during the blockade of the city in 1943
    19:53 16.12.2017

    Fight for the Skies Over the Motherland: The Fiercest Eastern Front Air Battles of WWII

  • Leningrad during the blockade. (File)
    20:36 22.11.2017

    This Literal 'Road of Life' Helped Leningrad Withstand the 900 Day Nazi Siege (VIDEO)

  • First Lady Melania Trump looks on as US President Donald Trump speaks to reporters upon his departure from the White House in Washington, US, October 13, 2017.
    17:28 19.10.2017

    'Fake Melania' Mockery Sweeps Social Media, but Political Decoys Very Real

  • Singer Eduard Khil live in concert at 16 Tons Club, Moscow, 2010
    14:42 04.09.2017

    Internet Sensation Mr Trololo: Google Doodle Celebrates Eduard Khil’s Birthday

  • Center of Stalingrad after liberation
    14:43 24.08.2017

    'Even the Stones Burned': 75 Years On From Worst Bombing of Great Patriotic War

  • The Bell P-63 Kingcobra, a deriverative of the P-39 Airacobra
    17:26 23.07.2017

    War Scars: Polish Archeologists Discover Wreckage of Soviet WWII-Era Fighter Plane

  • Nazi German troops at the Soviet state border marker, 22 June 1941
    21:21 22.06.2017

    Russia Declassifies Secret Soviet Report Documenting First Days of War on the Eastern Front

  • Great Patriotic War (1941-1945)
    21:13 22.06.2017

    This is How the War Began: Three Stories of Female Veterans

  • The Day of Sorrow & Remembrance of Victims of War
    20:00 22.06.2017

    Day of Memory and Grief Observed in Moscow

  • Immortal Regiment WWII commemoration march
    20:33 11.05.2017

    First 'Immortal Regiment' WWII Commemoration March Takes Place in Palestine

  • The Great Patriotic War: The Largest Armed Clash in the History of Mankind
    21:00 09.05.2017

    Moving Footage of Soviet Soldiers, Civilians Celebrating the End of the Great Patriotic War