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    Jorge Kanella

    MMA’s Jorge Kanelle Sticking Toe in Rival Fighter’s Buttocks Triggers Meme Storm

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    Although the Bellator tournaments allow more aggressive moves than other sports, the Brazilian athlete apparently went too far even by the MMA standards. He was not only penalised for his unconventional move but also lost the fight to Londoner Alfie Davis, who survived the attack unscathed.

    A referee deducted a point from Brazilian Jorge Kanella after he went further than a usual kick in the groin and got his toe up into the buttocks of England’s Alfie Davis at the Bellator 223 lightweight preliminary fight. As MMA Junkie reports, Kanella was frustrated at his rival’s defence from his back and targeted the unusual area with a low front kick.

    Although it looked like quite a regular groin shot, the referee suspected foul play and requested to repeat the moment in slow motion to confirm the disturbing suspicion. Despite the reported discomfort, Davis braced himself and continued the fight, that he eventually won 29-27 on all three cards. It became his first Bellator win and 12th MMA victory.

    He later told the outlet that he was surprised with the move, noting that if one is “standing up with someone on the floor, you do not go straight line like that.” He pointed out that one is “never taught that because it’s a foul.”

    “It slid up. So when I stood up, it was right in the gooch. It’s normally pleasurable for a man, isn’t it? The gooch. We all enjoy the gooch, but not when you’re getting kicked straight in it,” he lamented.

    Unlike Davis, Kanella’s kick left netizens delighted as they jumped at the opportunity to poke fun.

    ​Some suggested considering such moves in future and getting prepared.

    ​However, many also felt disgusted.


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