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    Lingerie football

    From Lingerie Football to Underwater Hockey: World's Top Six Unusual Sports

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    Have you ever heard about head tennis or mobile phone throwing? Check out these unusual sports that you may have never heard of before.

    "Lingerie" Sports

    A classic example of an unusual sport is the so called "lingerie" sporting games. For instance, there is female league of basketball and American football players in the United States that has been very popular among the country's residents over the last seven years. The league is exactly what you might think: namely, women playing basketball and football in their underwear.

    It is worth noting, however, that the games are held not only for the sake of spectacular photos and entertainment. Of course, there is an element of show, but athletes are real professionals who compete for medals and titles.

    Underwater Ice Hockey

    Ice hockey is a sport familiar to all residents of the Nordic countries. But"upside down" hockey or underwater ice hockey is a game played only by adrenaline lovers.

    The game is played on the reverse side of the ice on a pond with two holes. Two scuba diving athletes dive under the ice and play upside down below the frozen surface, trying to get the puck into their opponent‘s hole.

    The world championship in this unusual sportwas first held in 1980 in Vancouver.

    Head Tennis or "Headis"

    You think it's impossible to play tennis without a racquet? Some athletes prove the opposite!

    For instance, they take a soccer ball and play head tennis or "headis". The rules of the game are the same as in table tennis, but the difference is that you have to strike the ball over the net with your head.

    Another similar kind of tennis is tecball, but here players are also allowed to use their legs. The game looks pretty impressive.

    Mobile Phone Throwing

    The Olympic program includes such sporting categories as the javelin throw and discus throw. But what if you want to throw other things?

    Some athletes invented a championship in mobile phone throwing. The event has been taking place in the Finnish town of Savonlinna since 2000. The tournament has already become a traditional event, attended by representatives of the Guinness Book of Records. In 2005, Finn Mikko Lampi threw his phone at 82.55 m distance, and this record is yet to be beaten.

    Mobile phone throwing is gaining popularity around the world. Competitions are held in at least 20 countries, including Russia.

    Lawn Mower Racing

    Many people love speed and regularly attend car and motorcycle races. But what about other speed competitions, like lawn mower racing? The competition is quite real and is a kind of motorsport in which participants race modified lawn mowers.

    Such events are held regularly in the United States and Great Britain. The speed record set so far is 214 kilometers per hour.

    Fireball Soccer

    And last, but not least: the world's most popular game — football. Several variations of this game have been invented over decades. However, the most extreme and spectacular of them is probably fireball soccer, widespread in Indonesia.

    The ball is made from coconut shell, soaked in kerosene for two days and set on fire at the beginning of the game. The game lasts as long as the shell burns. Players play it barefoot.


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