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    Richard McLaren, who was appointed by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) to head an independent investigative team, walks out off the room after presenting his report in Toronto, Ontario, Canada July 18, 2016

    Moscow Considers McLaren Report 'Falsified,' Prepares Criminal Offenses

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    Russian Sports Minister Vitaly Mutko on Saturday said that the report of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) commission led by Canadian law professor Richard McLaren is "falsified" and Moscow would file lawsuits against the "accusers."

    MOSCOW (Sputnik) — In July, WADA commission led by McLaren presented a report based on investigation results, in which Russia was accused of running a state-wide doping program, urging the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to consider a blanket ban on the entire Russian team. On July 24, the IOC decided against imposing a blanket ban on all Russian athletes but upheld ban on the whole track and field team including clean athletes.

    "We have drown conclusions concerning the report and we will send our opinion to WADA, to the IOC. Our conclusions are that it has been falsified. Its legal matters are not able to withstand criticism. We will file lawsuits selectively to civil law courts. And those, who have written, will be charged with criminal offense," Mutko told Match TV television channel.


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      Fight back Russia!
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      definitely ... EV.UL Candiandians need to Pay ... How about Canada becoming a Pole Volt training Area ... No canadians needed ... go to beloved Ukraine / uk ?
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      Russia should wait for ed report. BEGIN prosecution. IF they were doing this at LABS, Russia MUST demand strong jail time. START a real RIFT against U.S for hiding it. Because, they won't extradite him.
      Second, Russia MUST create new labs. OWNED BY RUSSIA ALONE... Robotic ones. With ZERO access to vials by anyone.
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      Look at that Ev.ul Putred face ... typical canadian
    • Mikhas
      The main purpose with this US anti-Russia campaign was to smear it in their media and make it stick. That was the easy part. It will certainly stick and Washingtons presstitutes just keep adding more hearsay negative anti Russian BS to it.

      Russia has RT and Sputnik but that´s it. Russia will on the other hand obviously win those lawsuits and people who sold themselves for this might have found it worth it because they are going to pay dearly and have their careers destroyed but these stories wont make it to their media but future sell-outs in USs war on Russia will se the writing on the wall.
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      ViTranin reply toMikhas(Show commentHide comment)
      Mikhas, Money re loss of earnings, image damage is Easy (tho have to be payed in Real Gold .. none of that canadian rubbish) .... but sorting out the Real Mess will be fun to Watch the Ev.ul canadians squirm !
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      Bringing these low life's to account will bring Billions of everyday humans to feel justice is not a dream but a reality that these P.O.S will remember for the rest of there life's just like the athletes that had their dreams destroyed by monsters that should be behind a prison door.
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      One can see hatred in McLaren's eyes towards humanity not only against Russian; one can see the same in Mr. Pound's, Mr. Sebastian Coe's and Mr. Craven's eyes, and they are all guilty in their insane decisions. Now is time for them to re-pay the banned clean Russian athletes in REEAL GOLD and the perpetrators should be sent to jail for inciting hatred. Bravo Russian Sports Ministry. It is high time to bring these people to justice.
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      McLaren is just a US stooge who has been paid a big wodge of dollars to come up with the crazy idea of a unproven drug Russian doping network. His law credentials must be under review for incompetent behavior.
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