19:04 GMT17 June 2021
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    According to the veterinarian who found the curious calf, it is otherwise completely healthy and does not act any differently from any other calves.

    A vet from Gwynedd, North Wales, has found a bizarre calf with three eyes. The vet, Malan Hughes, uploaded the photos of unique bovine on social media.

    The calf had an additional eye on its forehead, although it looks underdeveloped as the eyelids seem to be completely closed.

    “From the outside the extra eye looks fine. It has eyelids and eyelashes, and it is moist too, as if some kind of lubricant is being secreted. But it is impossible to know if anything is going on behind the eye”, Hughes told North Wales Live.

    According to the woman, the calf is around four-month-old and does not appear to have any other health problems.

    She confessed that she had seen cyclops lambs or animals with two heads before, but never a three-eyed animal.

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