20:50 GMT20 April 2021
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    Earlier in the week, a former US director of national intelligence, John Ratcliffe, said in an interview that the government might soon roll out a report which would reveal information on some “difficult to explain” UFO sightings.

    A former Pentagon UFO program chief, Luis Elizondo, during an appearance on "Fox & Friends", shed light on several leading theories of alien origin and five defining characteristics of UFOs that may alter the current understanding of the laws of physics.

    According to Elizondo, the US government, when working on UFO-related issues, incorporated the same methods used in terrorism intel operations. This work, he outlined, has revealed that UFOs are "real" and the information around them is "compelling".

    The former chief also rolled out three theories on UFO origin. The first, which he dubbed "highly unlikely", suggests that the UFOs are in fact a secret US technology flown under the radar amid lack of proper communication between government channels.

    The second theory speculates that secret technology used by the UFOs was in fact developed by a foreign adversary.

    "This would be a huge intelligence failure of [the United States] because we’ve been technologically leapfrogged," he noted.

    The last and most likely theory addresses an mysterious extraterrestrial third party.

    "If it’s not ours and it’s not [another country] well, then it’s someone or something else", Elizondo summed up.
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    Elizondo highlighted five "unique observables" that could help distinguish an actual "UFO" from other identifiable aerial objects.

    According to him, a UFO is of alien origin if the following qualities are present: 

    • instantaneous acceleration;
    • hypersonic velocity;
    • low observability;
    • trans medium travel (the ability to operate in different environments);
    • positive lift (the ability of vehicles to fly without the need for control surfaces, wings, engines, etc.)
    "We are seeing these - let’s call them vehicles, if you will - that are incurring into controlled US airspace that are displaying performance characteristics that are frankly well beyond anything we can either replicate or in some cases really even understand", Elizondo suggested.

    Earlier, Ratcliffe teased in a Fox News appearance that some mysteries regarding UFOs might be explained in an upcoming government report on alien sightings that have not previously been disclosed.


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