07:42 GMT25 February 2021
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    Before making $1.2 million a month through the content subscription service, Belle Delphine had to endure certain hardships. In her latest interview to Business Insider, the internet star explains how she dropped out of school at 14 and managed to build a career as one of OnlyFans top earners.

    Mary-Belle Kirschner, 21, also known as Belle Delphine, dropped out of her UK secondary school because of bullying at the age of 14 in 2014, she told Business Insider on Friday.

    In her own words, she was a 'kind of weird child' who had to cope with a ‘bad mental state’ during her earliest years in education.

    But what really pushed her to leave school was a series of online rows she was involved in as a controversial internet star. 

    She says she got hooked on watching the anti-political correctness genre of YouTubers. Trying to contribute to the genre, she herself posted a series of ‘out of bounds’ jokes.

    "Basically this joke was a string of ironic comments. The initial thread started with someone saying, 'I love cancer.' So people were saying, like, 'I love cancer because you can get a free wig'. I said, 'I love cancer because you can go to Disneyland,'" she said in the interview.

    The jokes came back to haunt her later. When she transferred schools after turning 14, trying to start afresh once again, her former classmate spread screenshots of her jokes online which drew the attention of her classmates.

    PewDiePie mocks outrage over Belle Delphine’s Pornhub prank
    © Photo : YouTube screenshot
    PewDiePie mocks outrage over Belle Delphine’s Pornhub prank

    "When that happened, and everyone in my hometown kind of turned against me, it really kind of made me turn against them and go, 'F--- you.' It really isolated me even more because I thought the internet was the only place people accepted me," she confessed.

    Belle first achieved fame in 2019, when she set up a parody account on Pornhub, posting controversial content. Last year, she also promised to record her first porn video which, however, has yet to appear on fans’ monitors. 

    Delphine claims she makes $1.2 million per month through her account on OnlyFans, which makes her OnlyFans' top earner.

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