21:15 GMT18 January 2021
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    This week, American singer and actress Jennifer Lopez set Instagram ablaze with some stunning nudes as a part of a promotion for her upcoming single. Very few remained unbothered by smooth curves of the 51-year-old.

    Ulrika Jonsson, a British-Swedish TV presenter, lashed out at recent photos posted by Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Aniston in a column for the Sun, saying that the celebs’ good looks were “toxic”.

    “Creating unrealistic expectations does so much damage and this slavery to perfection really needs to end,” the ex-ITV and BBC host said.

    Friends star Jennifer Aniston, 51, recently donned a yoga suit for a photoshoot to promote a wellness brand. According to Johnson, seeing Aniston’s pics nearly caused her hysteria as the journalist had felt “like someone took a giant needle and pricked what remaining, marginally inflated self-confidence I may have scraped from the floor in my 54th year.”

    But when another Hollywood talent, Jennifer Lopez, simply known to fans as J-Lo, shared naked pics of her 51-year-old body, Jonsson said that it was “another low blow” that had elevated her “feelings of insignificance” to a new high.

    According to Jonsson, who has also shared nude pics in the past, this “peddling of perfection” was “doing some very real damage”, to the world.

    "It’s bad enough a dried-up old has-been like me feeling intimidated, paltry and pointless, but I’m concerned about the effect on all women, young and older, famous and 'normal',” she wrote.
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    The journalist called upon celebs not to make this post-50 body idealisation a “new normal” to avoid the detrimental effect this could have on women’s feeling of self-worth.

    Probably not everyone would agree with her, as J-Lo’s nude post promoting her new “In The Morning” track has already gathered over 7 million likes in just one day. Fans just could not stop commenting on how great Lopez looked like at her age – something many believed should be praised, rather than feared.

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