14:00 GMT26 November 2020
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    Over the past few years, the rise of social media has brought the world a lot closer, but the downside of these platforms is that they can be exploited by some people to spread hate and negativity, even anonymously, hiding behind their screens.

    In light of the troll culture that presently dominates the social networking experience, the Duchess of Sussex and former Hollywood actress Meghan Markle is said to have strongly endorsed the need for campaigns like "Social Media Kindness Day" to thrive. She thinks it is already sad enough that such initiatives are necessary in the first place.

    Social Media Kindness Day is set to be observed for the first time on Monday, 9 November as a tribute to Caroline Flack – a popular English TV presenter who died on 15 February 2020 at the age of 40. Flack tragically took her own life while she was facing a trial over accusations of assaulting her boyfriend, followed by online trolling.

    In a now-deleted tweet, shared by the "Social Media Kindness Day" Twitter account, the 39-year-old Duchess of Sussex, who stepped down from her royal duties in early 2020 and now resides in the US with husband, Prince Harry, and their son Archie, backed the campaign saying that social media plays such an important role in so many people's lives that it ought to be a safer and kinder place.

    Even though the tweet has since been removed, many social media users took screenshots of the statement.

    ​Now that she has spoken in favour of initiatives like "Social Media Kindness Day", she is attracting mixed reactions on social media – from strong messages of support to more trolling.

    ​Earlier this year Meghan described herself as "the most trolled person in the entire world in 2019" while discussing mental health on a podcast.

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