12:14 GMT30 November 2020
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    It starts with a modified version of John Williams’ iconic theme from Jaws, but then instantly transforms into a pop song with a monotonous vocal line capable of making Despacito, another popular song on YouTube, sound like Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake.

    "Baby Shark" has become the most watched video on YouTube. The video was uploaded on the website in 2016 and has since been viewed 7.04 billion times. It was created by the South Korean company Pinkfong, which produces educational and entertainment videos. Pinkfong has 40.2 million subscribers on YouTube and has made $5.2 million from its videos and streams alone.

    The Baby Shark video shows little kids singing a song about a shark family. In the clip, kids also make dance moves with their hands, showing how sharks open and close their jaws.

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    As one may have guessed that the music video became an instant hit among children, who have made up the bulk of its views. But adults are crazy about it too.

    The Washington Nationals baseball team made the song its anthem and, who knows, maybe thanks to this decision they won the World Series last year.

    Authorities in Florida’s West Palm Beach used the song to discourage homeless people from gathering in a public area, while police workers in Oklahoma reportedly played it on repeat in order to punish inmates.

    The song gained even more popularity last year, when it became known that protesters in Lebanon had decided to sing the song to calm a toddler in a car, whose mother was concerned that the boy would be scared by the angry demonstrators.

    ​In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, Pinkfong released a modified version of the song encouraging viewers to wash their hands.

    Becoming the most watched video on YouTube, "Baby Shark" has dethroned the famous pop song "Despacito", which at the moment of writing has 7.03 billion views.

    Other popular videos on YouTube include:

    • Ed Sheeran – Shape of you – 5.04 billion; 
    • Wiz Khalifa – See you Again – 4.7. billion;
    • Russian animated movie Masha and the Bear – 4.3 billion;
    • Mark Ronson – Uptown Funk – 3.9 billion;
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