06:00 GMT04 December 2020
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    Canadian psychologist and celebrated public speaker Jordan Peterson has been battling several health issues throughout the past year, including benzodiazepine-dependency and COVID-19, which had crippled his ability to work and give public lectures. The professor underwent his latest stage of treatment in Belgrade, Serbia.

    Jordan Peterson hopes “the worst period” of his life is now over, as he had returned to Canada to live “something resembling a normal life”.

    “I am back to Toronto, in much better health, although severely impaired, especially in the morning, but I can work again and I really want to”, the University of Toronto professor announced in a video update published on his YouTube channel.

    ​Peterson, whose health was seriously damaged as a result of his development of a physical dependency on benzodiazepine, a drug which he was prescribed back in 2016 to treat anxiety, has also caused joy among his millions of YouTube and Twitter followers, with promises of new original content, which will include a book and a series of new video lectures.

    “I’ll be able to start generating original material once again, and pick up from where I left off,” he added.

    Peterson’s team has also recently put up translations of his video lectures in at least six languages, as the lecturer had expressed pleasant surprise with the fact that his teachings have found a new audience in various parts of the world, including South Korea.

    The health update commemorates Peterson’s return from Belgrade, where he had been undergoing the latest stage of his treatment to cure a combination of neurological effects caused by his physical dependency on benzodiazepine and his body’s severe reaction when he had attempted to rapidly halt the drug’s use. Prior to his trip to Serbia, Peterson had spent some time in Russia, where he underwent “detox” treatment, which, he later revealed, had put him in an “unconscious” state for nine days as he had been recovering from the dependency on the medication.

    According to the psychologist, he hadn't been able to receive the necessary treatment, neither in Canada nor in the United States.

    Mikhaila Peterson, the professor’s daughter, had also revealed in August that the whole family, including her dad, had contracted coronavirus, while they were staying in Belgrade. However, she said, they had managed to battle COVID-19 disease almost unscratched.

    Peterson has an impressive 3 million follower base on YouTube and 1.6 million fans on Twitter, an audience he said had risen since his illness. Peterson has been mostly absent from the public eye throughout the past year, following a storm he had created few years back over his criticism of a Canadian bill which mandated that citizens use gender-neutral pronouns for non-binary people.

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