03:28 GMT25 October 2020
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    It is not unusual for enthusiasts to look for 'miraculous' signs in relation to 'bleeding' religious statues and images. However, this year has been especially rich on such mysterious occurrences.

    A drawing of the Virgin Mary unexpectedly re-appeared in the road by a parking lot in Guadalupe, Mexico, after the concrete was splashed with water, according to local media.

    The pic depicting the mother of Jesus covered in a blue veil did not come out of nowhere – the chalk image was drawn on the road during the “Bella Vía” festival held in the municipality 13 years ago, according to Guadalupe’s president Cristina Díaz.

    The parking lot has undergone many changes since then and all the images were erased. Extreme weather conditions also did not help to preserve the drawings. However, after a builder spilled water on the ground, the familiar details suddenly re-emerged on the road, causing “surprise” among officials and locals, Díaz wrote on Facebook. The image was immediately cordoned off.

    The re-appearance of the illustration was dubbed a 'miracle' by believers and worshippers who gathered around Virgin Mary, bringing candles and flowers.

    Some viewers on social media, however, were not impressed, suggesting that the pic’s return was nothing more than a chemical reaction.

    “The explanation is simple, some mineral pigments react with the acidity of the water. Anyone with a basic education in chemistry should know,” one user wrote on Twitter.

    Just this year, another 'miracle' sparked debates in Italy, after a statue of the Virgin Mary located in the southern province of Lecce was spotted “tearing blood” as an unexplained reddish substance suddenly appeared on the saint’s face.

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