01:24 GMT30 October 2020
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    The survey was compiled by the company SaveOnEnergy, which evaluated senior members of the Royal Family by analysing several factors – travel footprint, support for environmental charities, attendance of events dedicated to improving nature, and how eco-friendly is their everyday life (use of electric cars, sustainable wardrobe).

    Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are the least eco-friendly members of the Royal Family, says a new survey, conducted by the firm SaveOnEnergy, which assists people in reducing their energy bills and help the environment. The couple produced three tonnes of CO2 each during their trip around Africa last year and are the least supportive of environmental charities. The Duchess of Sussex also participated in zero environmental engagements.

    Meghan, however did top the list of royals with the most eco-friendly wardrobe, owning such sustainable brands as Stella McCartney, Rothy, Veja, and Millie. Prince Harry got extra points for drawing attention to the problem of pollution on social media. Overall, the Sussexes received 9 points each.

    Prince Charles topped the chart with 156 points. However, if one had to judge the royals solely by their carbon footprint then Charles would have topped the chart of the least eco-friendly royals. Last year, the Queen's eldest son produced an estimated nine tonnes of CO2. But he "redeemed" himself by supporting 69 environmental charities, attending 14 events dedicated to improving nature (which may explain his big travel footprint), and has been vocal about the need to save the environment on social media (69 posts). These activities earned him first place on the chart.

    Who Else is on the List of Most Eco-Friendly Royals

    Charles' wife Camilla came in second with 84 points. Like her husband Camilla has been supportive of charities and attended environmental events, but she earned most of her points for activity on social media writing 69 posts about the environment.

    Prince Philip, husband of the Queen, who will turn 100 next June came in third with 44 points. The Duke of Edinburgh has an impressive carbon footprint of zero (this fact is attributed to his retirement from royal duties in 2017) and was very supportive of environmental charities, helping 41 organisations.

    The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton came in fourth. The Duchess is ranked second on the list of the royal with the sustainable fashion record and was active on social media speaking about the need to save the environment.

    Her husband, Prince William, who established a global prize "designed to incentivise change and help repair our planet" is the Royal Family's second-worst polluter, with five tonnes of CO2 produced last year as a result of his journeys. The Duke of Cambridge tried to "redeem" himself by drawing attention to the problem of climate change on social media, but failed to get in the top 5 of most eco-friendly royals.

    The fifth spot was secured by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. The monarch has the third-best carbon footprint and supported 10 environmental charities last year. However, the Queen scored only point for a sustainable wardrobe.

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