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    The banker’s alleged victims have long claimed that Little Saint James is where Epstein and his powerful friends abused dozens of young women. Prince Andrew, who is accused by one of Epstein’s purported sex slaves, has admitted to having visited the island, but categorically denied wrongdoing and said he wasn’t aware of Epstein’s crimes.

    More than a year has passed since Jeffrey Epstein was found dead in his cell awaiting trial on sex trafficking charges, but his island is still guarded by armed security guards, claims Andy Bracco, a blogger known under the moniker Place Hacker. Bracco, who has visited the island twice together with his friend, revealed that the place appears to be well-maintained, despite the fact that its owner has been dead for more than a year. According to the blogger, parts of Little Saint James still have electricity, the swimming pool is clean, and the palm trees are well-tended, while the tennis court has been demolished.

    Bracco revealed that the purpose of the visit was to confirm or disprove rumours that claim the island has a lot of underground tunnels. The young man said he was told by locals about the amazing levels of construction on Little Saint James and that enormous amounts of cement had been shipped to it. However, the urban explorer and his friend failed to find evidence of underground tunnels.

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    Bracco said he was amazed when he saw one structure on the island – a blue and white temple with a golden dome. The urban explorer wondered why the structure looked cheap and had bizarre fake doors painted on it with Epstein’s initials "JE".

    "It's very strange to know how much money this guy had to see such a low quality of a structure there. It makes you think, is this a distraction from something else?" Bracco told The Sun.

    He also noted while he was on the island, he was contacted by "shadowy" people and received mysterious phone calls.

    Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged victims claim that Little Saint James is where Epstein and his powerful friends abused them. Virginia Giuffre previously claimed she had sex with Prince Andrew once on the island. The royal has admitted to visiting the place, but categorically denied having sex with Giuffre and said he was not aware of Epstein’s crimes. In a documentary about Epstein released earlier this year, the man who maintained the phone and Internet connections on the island claimed that he had seen former President Bill Clinton there. The 42nd president of the United States frequently flew on Epstein’s personal jet, dubbed the Lolita Express, but, like Prince Andrew, the politician denied knowing about the billionaire’s crimes. He also denied allegations that he had visited Little Saint James, calling them "lies".

    Photos recently emerged showing Clinton getting a massage from one of Epstein’s victims, Chauntae Davies. Bradley Edwards, a lawyer for several of Epstein’s alleged victims, has claimed in his book that in 2004, he was contacted by a young woman who had visited the financier’s private island that same year and who said she was frightened to share information - not because of Epstein - but because of a "heavyweight politician" who was close to the disgraced banker and who had received erotic massages from underage girls on the island. Bradley wrote that the woman eventually cancelled a meeting with him out of fear for her life.

    Epstein was found dead on 10 August 2019 in prison, where he was awaiting trial on sex trafficking charges. The uncertain circumstances surrounding his death have led many to believe that he was murdered by his powerful friends, who feared that they would be exposed by him.

    His former girlfriend and life companion Ghislaine Maxwell, daughter of British billionaire Robert Maxwell, was arrested at the beginning of July by the FBI. She faces six charges, including a charge for enticing minors – one as young as 14 – to engage in illegal sex acts. She has pleaded not guilty to all the charges and her legal team has accused Epstein’s purported victims of trying to turn Maxwell into a scapegoat.

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