14:29 GMT23 September 2020
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    Dani Trin, the lady who earned Harry & Meghan's praise, has reportedly denied personally writing abusive messages aimed at members of the British Royal Family.

    Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, ended up lavishing praise on a person linked to a Twitter account that posted "vile abuse" about members of the British Royal Family, The Sun reports.

    According to the newspaper, Harry and Meghan phoned a woman named Dani Trin and told her how "moved and happy" they were after she managed to raise about £45,000 for charities they support.

    However, Trin also reportedly had access to a Twitter account "henryscousin" that was previously used to post a number of offensive tweets that, for example, branded Prince William an "a**hole" and his wife Kate Middleton a "b***h".

    Other tweets posted by the account also label Kate an “anorexic wrinkly hoe” and a “corner plant”, with the Duchess of Cambridge also being dubbed “Karen” on multiple occasions, with the newspaper noting that she and her husband weren't the only one targeted.

    "The Queen wishes she could’ve raised her children half as good as Doria raised hers. Anyway . . .", yet another tweet reportedly stated.

    And it was that very same Twitter account that Trin used to “boast of her personal call from the Sussexes”, as the newspaper puts it, with her

    "They both sounded so thankful, so moved and so happy for having our support. Meghan did tell me to, ‘Pass on the message. I’m humbled to have been used as a messenger to pass on their words of gratitude to you all. Calling me was like calling all of us", she wrote. "Acknowledging me personally and so directly was like doing the same to all of us."

    Trin herself, however, insisted that she was but one of the eight members of #SussexSquad who had a password for the Twitter account in question – which apparently was deactivated on 6 August – and denied personally writing the aforementioned abusive messages.

    "I feel like it’s not my place to condemn or approve another person’s tweets. It’s their opinion. Henryscousin was like a forum and I had no control what other people posted", she told the newspaper. "The group disbanded and the account was deactivated due to irreconcilable differences."
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