18:50 GMT26 September 2020
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    The eccentric programmer, who ran for president in the United States in 2016 and 2020, has a long record of legal issues. Recently, he was arrested in Norway for refusing to wear anything but a female thong on his face to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

    John McAfee promised to reveal the truth about "those in power" if he dies or disappears and claimed that he is a "politically prosecuted person". The 74-year-old millionaire posted an enigmatic statement on his Twitter account appearing to imply that he is in danger.

    People in the comment section started asking the entrepreneur about the meaning of his tweet and one user expressed hope that McAfee would set up "a deaddman switch so we know the true 'why' instead of whatever is fed to us when that sad time comes". To this, the programmer replied:

    ​McAfee, the creator of renowned commercial antivirus software, was arrested in the Dominican Republic last year on suspicion of carrying weapons and ammunition. He claimed that the detention was part of a CIA plot to kill him. The programmer has a long record of legal issues. He was arrested in April 2012 in Belize for possession of weapons and unlicensed drug manufacturing.

    In November of that same year, Belizean law enforcement wanted to interview him in connection with the murder of US expatriate Gregory Viant Faull. He refused, saying he feared police would kill him and fled to Guatemala. There, he faked heart attacks in order to give his lawyer more time to prevent his extradition to Belize. Previously, McAfee claimed he is on the run from the United States, where hasn’t paid taxes since 2010.


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