20:52 GMT14 June 2021
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    Jeffrey Epstein’s "madam" Ghislaine Maxwell faces six charges stemming from three accusers’ accounts alleging she not only groomed young girls for her billionaire paedophile friend, but also engaged in sexual abuse herself.

    The woman, who claims she was Epstein "pimp" Ghislaine Maxwell's first victim, says she endured years of rape and abuse after Maxwell and her then boyfriend Jeffrey Epstein came up to her at an American summer camp in 1994 and offered to assist with her singing career, The Times reported, citing court papers filed in New York.

    The documents suggest that Maxwell initially acted "like an older sister", and Epstein - like a "godfather", further adding that the British socialite, an heir to her father media mogul Robert Maxwell’s empire, "regularly facilitated Epstein's abuse ... and was frequently present" when it happened.

    At one point, as a 14-year-old girl, the woman known only as "Jane Doe" for identity protection reasons, claims she was introduced to Donald Trump by Epstein at the then real estate businessman's Mar-a-Lago residence in Florida.

    "Epstein elbowed Trump playfully asking him, referring to Doe, 'This is a good one, right?'", the court documents reportedly say, further adding that Trump smilingly nodded "in agreement".

    "They both chuckled and Doe felt uncomfortable, but, at the time, was too young to understand why", the papers cited the woman as saying, while not in implicating Trump in any wrongdoing.

    The aforementioned account is included in a civil lawsuit filed this year against Maxwell and Epstein's estate, as the woman is suing both parties for undisclosed damages after the disgraced paedophile financier was found dead in his New York prison cell last August.

    According to lawyers for California-based 39-year-old Doe, their client was Epstein and Maxwell's "first known victim" and "a guinea pig to refine their criminal enterprise".

    "Epstein's system of abuse was facilitated in large part by his co-conspirator and accomplice, Maxwell, who helped supply him with a steady stream of young and vulnerable girls many of whom were fatherless, like Jane Doe, and came from struggling families", the court documents read.

    Multiple sexual references had been present in Maxwell and Epstein's relationship with Doe, before a long period of blatant sexual abuse.

    "Epstein started to slowly display his paedophilic ways when shopping with Doe and Maxwell. Instead of Doe picking out clothes she wanted to wear, Epstein insisted that she ... wear little children's cotton underwear", the files suggest, claiming Maxwell "facilitated” the abuse.

    Epstein allegedly carried out a sex act on the girl for the first time at the end of 1994 in his pool house in Palm Beach, Florida. The accuser claims it all escalated over the next few years, regularly taking place at Epstein's New York mansion and at his ranch in New Mexico. The purported victim, who is one those who filed a lawsuit for damages, eventually managed to escape when she moved to Los Angeles in 1999, around the time Maxwell reportedly introduced Epstein to Prince Andrew. Maxwell's lawyer declined to comment on the matter.

    The now reported documents are in tune with the account of the youngest of three underage victims cited late this week in an 18-page criminal indictment brought against Maxwell, who was nabbed at her New Hampshire hideaway on Thursday morning, reportedly after a year-long search.

    She was slapped with six different charges, including those of child sex trafficking and grooming between 1994 and 1997, as well as two counts of perjury in court during earlier lawsuits against her. If found guilty, the millionaire Briton, who has previously denied her role in Epstein's criminal activities, will be put behind bars for up to 35 years. 


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