01:47 GMT01 March 2021
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    The annular eclipse occurs when the moon blocks the center of the sun, leaving only a shining ring of light around the edge - an annulus - often referred to as a "ring of fire". This form of solar eclipse will only happen twice this century.

    A partial solar eclipse is seen over the sky of New Dehli, as the moon blocks the sun, forming a "ring of fire" to amaze skygazers. 

    The rare eclipse is set to begin at 10:19 local time (04:49 GMT), reach its peak at 12:01 (06:31 GMT) and end at 13:48 (08:18 GMT). Besides New Dehli, the phenomenon can be observed from parts of Asia and Africa, including China, Ethiopia, Kongo, southern Pakistan and the Central African Republic.

    The annular eclipse occurs when the moon is blocks the sun in the way that leaves only our home star's outer edges shining - an occurrence that is referred to as an annulus, or "ring of fire". This form of solar eclipse will only be seen twice this century - on 21 June 2020 and on the same date in 2039.

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