23:12 GMT04 July 2020
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    Sometimes people have to travel far and wide to find something that belongs to history – deep in the woods, at the bottom of the ocean, or in a cave. Other times you just need to dig a little bit in your own house and epic artefacts will start popping up.

    A couple in Norway found an ancient Viking axe right under their floor in an odd discovery that impressed local archaeologists. Mariann Kristiansen and her husband decided to redecorate their house during the lockdown when they found a glass bead that the couple mistook for a wheel of a toy car. However, they later found an ancient axe, which made them realise what was going on.

    ​According to archaeologist Martinus Hauglid from the Nordland County government, who visited the lucky couple, their house was most likely built on top of a grave from the Iron or Viking Age.

    "It was found under stones that probably represent a cairn. We found an axe dated from between 950AD and 1050AD and a bead of dark blue glass, also of the late Viking period", he told The Local daily.

    The troves have already been sent to Tromsø Museum and a team of archaeologists was sent to the house on Tuesday to dig further.

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