13:27 GMT19 January 2021
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    In reality, she of course did - William and Hillary Clinton were wed on 11 October 1975, and had a daughter, Chelsea, in 1980. However, it is always fun to fathom alternate reality - especially when it comes to literature.

    Elizabeth Curtis Sittenfeld (known professionally as Curtis Sittenfeld), an American author, introduced a fictionalized version of Hillary Clinton's life called "Rodham", in which the former top US official never married her real-life husband Bill Clinton, and instead became a Senator (which she did in real life) and beat him in the Democratic nomination for 2016 election, receiving the support of Donald Trump. The book was released on 19 May, in print and as an ebook. 

    Rodham is Hillary's birth surname, which she had before marrying Bill in 1975, almost making the book's plot plausible by having rejected him several times. In Sittenfeld's fiction reality, this never happened: after meeting Clinton, 'Hillary Rodham' "endures their devastating breakup and leaves Arkansas". 

    This results in collapse of Bill Clinton's presidential campaign amid his infidelity, as it turns out in the book that he is a "sex addict", who will, however, remain obsessed with Hillary Rodham for the rest of his life, comparing his addiction to alchoholism. The book fathoms spicy moments which parallel the actual Clinton story, including references to the Travelgate scandal, in which the real-life Clintons were falsely blamed for the suicide of a former deputy White House counsel, and Bill's alleged sexual misconduct.

    Hillary Rodham rushes into her own political campaign and gets support from a fictional Donald Trump, who takes a shot at Bill Clinton, nicknaming him Bill "Cheatin" Clinton and slamming him with a tweet that sounds all too real. 

    "Sleazy Bill Clinton should drop out of the race unless you want b**wjobs in the oval office!", the fictional Trump tweets in the book.

    The book has received mixed reviews, with some praising its "alternate narrative", and some less laudatory, noting that Sittenfeld earlier wrote a book documenting a presidential wife, "American Wife", dedicated to Laura Bush. 

    Among Sittenfeld's other works, include novels such as "Eligible", labeled as "Pride and Prejudice catapulted into a modern world", and "Prep", a teenage drama, in a style the publisher compared to Salinger.


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