01:20 GMT29 September 2020
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    Originally uploaded on Facebook, the video captured the attention of UFO hunters, with many left overwhelmed by an object emerging from nowhere before shooting off across the rooftops completely out of sight.

    A family from Barnoldswick, Lancashire in the UK, has made the UFO community turn their heads as they shared a viral video showing a light, glowing object gliding above the clouds, before gaining speed as it moved back and forth and then eventually disappeared into thin air.

    The footage appears to have been filmed in the early evening (on 8 May), with a man, woman, and some children heard gasping over what they caught a glimpse of - something that "came out of nowhere". 

    "We just found a UFO. What else is it?", a child exclaimed enthusiastically. "It's not a drone, that's above the clouds", someone else replies, with another one continuing to ponder on the sight: "Satellites don't skip about like that. I'm in awe. I swear to god I've never seen anything like it".

    "Oh my god, that's not even funny, it's scary", an apparently petrified woman utters, as the object disappears and reappears in the clip. UFO hunters and enthusiasts appear to be no less lost for words: "When I saw the thumbnail, I thought that it was probably just another Chinese lantern, but after watching the video I cannot think of anything terrestrial that would move like that", one explained.

    "A drone.... FROM OUTER SPACE", another wrote, with a third shrugging his shoulders: "Send me picture of a drone which emits this much light. We have also seen hundreds of ufo [sic] in India in past one month".

    "Well.. being a drone pilot… this wasn’t a drone…", another stunned viewer concluded.

    "Or is the Spider Man putting his Tarantulas into space", one noted cheekily.

    "It's great footage, shows it has the ability to go forwards and stop instantly, which man made vehicles cannot do. Not even helicopters can do that", another claimed.

    The bizarre sighting comes just weeks after the Pentagon officially released the much-debated footage of mysterious objects deemed UFOs by Navy pilots.

    In late April, the US Department of Defence shared three unclassified videos taken by pilots of what was called "unidentified aerial phenomena", which have piqued curiosities ever since the first reports about the so-dubbed USS Nimitz UFO incident emerged in 2017.

    Pilot Chad Underwood's fascinating footage, instantly confirmed as authentic by the Pentagon, showed a strange, oblong object (hence "Tic Tac"), soaring through the skies off the San Diego coast, between 15,000 and 24,000 feet in the air.


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