06:00 GMT23 January 2021
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    Quite a few netizens moved to mock the theory about the alleged threat posed by a possible coronavirus vaccination.

    It seems that Piers Corbyn, English weather forecaster and brother of Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn, has recently brought forward a “bizarre” conspiracy theory related to the ongoing global coronavirus pandemic, the Daily Mail reports.

    According to the newspaper, Piers brought his speculations to the attention of his social media audience via Twitter, claiming that the coronavirus outbreak was actually simulated back in October 2019 by "mega-rich control freaks Bill Gates, George Soros + cronies".

    "The aim is a world population cull ('people cause CO2 problem'), by their mass vaccination plan containing poison", the message states.

    The theory was further elaborated in a YouTube video embedded in the tweet, though the vid itself did not seem to be authored by Piers but merely shared by him.

    These claims, however, quickly elicited a barrage of mockery from netizens who did not seem all that eager to believe them.

    Famous TV host Pier Morgan also took note of this development, tweeting that Jeremy Corbyn's brother “takes the world to peak coronavirus conspiracy insanity”.

    ​The outbreak of the COVID-19 coronavirus, which started in China’s Wuhan in December 2019, has recently been declared a global pandemic by the World Health Organization, as the pathogen has since spread across the world, infecting tens of thousands of people and causing over 5,500 fatalities.

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