20:47 GMT14 August 2020
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    A new design touted by a certain sex doll company is expected to allow advanced robotic heads equipped with artificial intelligence to be fitted on older doll models.

    It seems that the ever-expanding world of adult entertainment is about to receive new mechanical additions as a new range of highly sophisticated sex dolls with AI capabilities is expected to be presented at the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo which is set to kick off on 22 January in Las Vegas, the Daily Star reports.

    According to the media outlet, the new dolls will be unveiled by sex robot manufacturer RealDoll (also known as Abyss) which, despite apparently not attending the event for several years, now "promises to give attendees an insight into its world of silicone sex toys".

    "There is a great deal of robotic upgrades and products that Abyss will be rolling out in 2020", said sex doll collector and aficionado known as Brick Dollbanger.

    The company is reportedly expected to showcase its flagship Harmony model whose AI allows it to maintain conversation with customers.

    One RealDoll representative even claimed that the company has a design that allows robotic heads to attach to "any currently existing doll", thus potentially allowing to upgrade older models.

    This reveal comes as RealDoll founder Matt McMullen speculated that the future where sex robots become nearly indistinguishable from humans may not be far off.

    "The physical nature of the robots, in terms of engineering and the underlying structures and machinery that make it move and the skin technology and the appearance of it, that part of it to me seems more tangible than the control. I would say probably within five to 10 years the appearance of a robot is going to drastically improve", he said, noting that, at the same time, the smartest AI today "is probably about as bright as an earthworm". "AI may start to approach something in the mammal category but I don't see, necessarily, human-like intelligence and as such I don't think we can even consider the idea of human like self-awareness".

    That said, he added that he believes “the engineering side and the artistic side will come a long way in the next 10 years".

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