15:52 GMT09 July 2020
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    The man accused the popular porn website of shutting him out of the full joy of watching his favourite adult clips, complaining that he is missing out on the dialogue.

    A deaf American man, Yaroslav Suris, filed a class-action lawsuit against Pornhub.com, accusing the world's most popular porn website of denying deaf people the complete joy of watch adult videos, which he considers a violation of his rights as hearing-impaired, under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), TMZ reported on Thursday.

    In the lawsuit, reported to have been obtained by TMZ, Suris argued that he and other hearing-impaired people are ready to “shell out dough for Pornhub's premium subscription”, but the expense is pointless without closed captioning, as deaf people cannot appreciate the audio in the videos on the sex website.

    Suris reportedly listed in his lawsuit document several titles of videos he enjoyed, but claimed that he completely lost the dialogue. He said he has filed the lawsuit to get Pornhub to be more inclusive by adding closed-captioning and to receive compensation for damages.

    Pornhub has not responded to a request from TMZ for comment.


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