15:33 GMT06 March 2021
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    The renowned Canadian professor has reminded his Twitter followers that the Oscars could have actually had a master of ceremonies.

    Jordan Peterson has reposted an article from the Babylonbee, which "tapped" him to host the Oscars.

    According to the Babylonbee’s satirical piece, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS)'s decision to pick the psychologist, who is known – and often targeted by liberal media – for his conservative views, was motivated by Peterson’s "huge popularity."

    The article also features a "response" from the professor, who is cited first mocking the decision, then accepting the invitation:

    "Who chooses who hosts the Oscars? I’ll tell you who: a bureaucracy, staffed with precisely the type of people you would not want to be making those decisions. Did you see what happened to Kevin Hart? It’s not good”, he started to "rant", then after some time dropping: “Sure, I’ll host the bloody thing."

    The repost drew a slew of laughing emojis, with many parodying the academic's manner of speaking and choice of semantically loaded words, especially when it comes to public speeches:

    However, quite a few in all seriousness discussed if the Canadian professor was well-suited for the big stage role.

    University of Toronto professor Jordan Peterson first hit the headlines in 2016 after he released his YouTube series calling out Canadian authorities for obliging people to use gender-neutral pronouns if a person identifies himself or herself as neither a man nor a woman.

    The academic, who has defended the role of masculinity and patriarchy in today’s society, said that he is far from being opposed to effective self-identification, but any obligations to use certain words violate his personal freedom, adding that his opposition to the practice is not about politics, but human rights. However, he constantly attracts barrages of criticism over his conservative ideas, which frequently end up in liberals' crosshairs.

    CORRECTION: The original copy of this article did not properly reflect the satirical nature of the article by the Babylonbee. We apologise for any misunderstanding and would like to make clear that the misleading parts have been corrected.


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