03:59 GMT +320 January 2020
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    The deadliest weapon that humankind ever created has made almost everyone feel a little bit paranoid. Is there any chance of surviving if shots are actually fired? Well, it won't be a wild guess anymore - just facts about possible scenarios for a nuclear holocaust.

    A new programme, created by a German engineer, will allow people to plan nuclear strikes around the world and watch the consequences of the nuclear fallout, Motherboard reported.

    Ivan Stepanov, developer of the Nuclear War Simulator, stated that the project is meant to "raise awareness of the dangers that nuclear weapons present to our society", noting that the programme which began as a video game, would be available in 2020.

    "It is a realistic interactive simulation and visualisation for nuclear conflicts with a focus on humanitarian impact. It is technically not a game as there is no goal and no reward for nuking everybody. Instead, it is an interactive educational sandbox where you have the freedom to set up and replay any conflict scenario you want", he explained.

    The simulator will show an interactive 3D model of the Earth, where you can plan a nuclear strike, select the launch point and the target, customise the strength of the blast and see the number of instant casualties from the explosion and later victims who will die from radioactive contamination.

    It will also show massive clouds of smoke, filling the atmosphere after the warheads explode.

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