13:01 GMT06 March 2021
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    Over 80 Russian schools abroad, as well as general education establishments under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, will launch training courses on the e-textbook Cyber-Book by the end of the year, according to the Russian Digital Cooperation project.

    Cyber-Book is an e-textbook for teaching children (11-16 years old) to program in a playful way using artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality. Gamification is the basis of the educational programme, which increases the speed of learning by 30%.

    Currently, the license agreement for the use of the software is signed by schools from 23 countries: Great Britain, South Africa, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Belgium, Czech Republic, Brazil, Turkey, Greece, Egypt, Korea, Kuwait, Bangladesh, Morocco, Bulgaria, Vietnam (Hanoi), Indonesia, Malaysia, Mozambique and Serbia.

    According to the project's press release, “Cyber-Book” will have a digital assistant, Uma. Artificial Intelligence Uma can recognise speech, answer questions, and tell how to find the right information. It will help to reduce the load on teachers by automating the same type of questions from students to teachers. Questions that Uma will not be able to answer will be forwarded to the teacher.

    “The Cyber-Book project was created out of an overwhelming desire to help talented children master breakthrough technologies of artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality, as these markets will develop for at least 50 years. At the heart of the Cyber-Book are game mechanics and the ability to communicate with artificial intelligence. A familiar playing environment associatively stimulates positive emotions and guarantees high involvement in the educational process”, “Cyber Strana” Autonomous Non-commercial Organization Board Chairman, Roman Povolotskii said.

    The Cyber-Book project is organised by ANO "Cyber Strana" through a grant by Rossotrudnichestvo federal agency on digital literacy of schoolchildren in Russian schools abroad under the federal project “Personnel for the Digital Economy.”


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