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    While the part of the prophecy highlighted by the investigator may be related to Christ or a “Christ-like figure”, a Talmudic expert offered a different interpretation of that text.

    A biblical investigator named Simcha Jacobovici made an interesting observation about the so called “Gabriel's Revelation”, a 2,000-year old tablet containing a series of prophecies written in Hebrew in first person, which might have a serious impact on one of the key elements of Christianity, according to the Daily Express.

    Delivering this reveal during Amazon Prime's series called “Decoding the Ancients”, Jacobovici remarked that as Christians visit the Church of the Holy Sepulchre to “celebrate and commemorate the resurrection of Jesus, three days after the crucifixion”, one particular line written on the stone may “shake it up.”

    “The key line is this: ‘I Gabriel, command you, the Prince of Princes – in three days – live!',” he claimed, adding that when he first heard it, he nearly fell off his chair. ““We are talking about a three-day resurrection – if that is referring to Jesus – this bit of archaeology is the earliest archaeological artefact that refers to him. If it predates Jesus, then who is this Christ-like figure that we didn’t know about before? Who is this Jesus, before Jesus? And who is Gabriel mentioned on the stone?”

    The newspaper notes, however, that Israel Knohl, an expert in Talmudic and biblical language at Jerusalem's Hebrew University, translated that inscription as "in three days, live, I Gabriel command you" and argued it was a command issued by angel Gabriel to Simon of Peraea, a “Jewish rebel who was killed by the Romans in 4BC.”

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