01:48 GMT09 July 2020
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    A recent survey of 2,000 British adults reveals that the average person watches 78,705 hours of TV during their lifetime.

    The survey, which was commissioned by LG Electronics, also found that the average adult watches about 3.5 hours of TV a day, which is about 1,248 hours every year. The survey even went so far as to break down the type of media consumed. The average adult usually watches 3,639 movies at home and around 31,507 TV episodes throughout their life. 

    The average viewer also watches around 11,278 different TV series throughout their life. Six out of every 10 respondents said that they would be lost without owning a TV.

    However, deciding what to watch can be a contentious issue for families. The average adult will spend a staggering 2,943 hours in their life just trying to decide what to watch, researchers determined.

    Around 15% of respondents said that having too many viewing options - from traditional cable to streaming services - can be frustrating.

    The study further found that the average household has about two arguments weekly over what to put on. More than 50% of all those surveyed said that their household would find it very difficult to manage with only one TV for everyone to share.

    In fact, the research revealed that the average household has at least two TV sets, which are typically replaced with newer models every six years. Around 25% of study participants said that an outdated TV affects their viewing experience. The most common TV annoyances among participants included sound quality, glares and people talking or asking questions while a program is playing. 

    But before you go out and buy another television to squash the family drama over what the night’s showing will be, think twice about which TV to purchase - especially if you’re considering a smart TV. Per a recent FBI notice, trendy new smart TVs could allow hackers to peep on consumers while they’re going about their days.


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