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    Jordan Peterson

    Documentary on Jordan Peterson to Be Screened in Vancouver, Amid Cancellations in NY, Toronto

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    Academic Jordan Professor, who authored a best-selling book about a dozen life strategies suggestively called “12 Rules for Life” has spawned ubiquitous controversy for his opposing modern-day values like social and gender equality, and, importantly, giving his reasons for this.

    A documentary on Toronto University professor of psychology Jordan Peterson has set out on a journey into the Lower Mainland of the country, although having faced quite a few challenges after the premiere on 26 September.

    According to the Abbotsford News, the film titled “The Rise of Jordan Peterson”, an extended version of an earlier film, had previously been scheduled to screen at Cineplex Odeon Park and Tilford in North Vancouver and the Colossus Langley on 6 October, while the screening was eventually cancelled in New York and Toronto theatres.

    In British Columbia, the documentary is slated to screen, according to the film’s website, in late October and November in Kelowna, Victoria, and Vancouver, more specifically, at Cineplex Odeon International Village Cinemas provided that enough tickets are sold.  

    However, at the initiative of  the Free Speech Club, there is going to be at least one extra screening - from 7 to 10 p.m. on 12 October at SFU Woodward’s (149 West Hastings Street). The event, which comes as part of the filmmakers’ sweeping university tour, will also include a discussion panel with film director Patricia Marcoccia and producer Maziar Ghaderi.

    Tickets are listed at US $23 at the door, with revenues expected to go to the filmmakers. Peterson is a regular guest on college campuses, but there is always someone around him attempting to drown him out.

    “If 'The Rise of Jordan Peterson' accomplished nothing else, exposing these smug socialists is worth the bother", writes The Daily Wire’s Christian Toto.

    Per Toto, the documentary squeezes in all the controversies around the public speaker into one “sharply etched portrait”. He suggests that the production is obviously sympathetic to the depicted persona, but that doesn’t stop writer/director Patricia Marcoccia from giving the professor’s critics their say as well, since the professor is shown eventually coming to terms with him being a non-conformist in today’s society.

    The modern-day psychology guru and social critic Jordan Peterson, author of the recent best-selling book “12 Rules for Life” focusing on human hierarchy and gender inequality, has gained notoriety and sparked controversy for provocatively and resolutely challenging non-binary identities, gender relations, and climate change, citing the essence of free speech and his right to do so in the face of left-leaning mainstream ideology.

    Supporters generally laud his willpower and ability to calmly ground his viewpoint on the vitality of free speech, critics deem him a disseminator of hate speech, a transphobic, and a right-wing fanatic, which Peterson strongly refutes claiming he is an individualist. His mission, as he puts it, is to strengthen the individual in his or her entirety, not any particular side of the political aisle.

    He has also been commonly viewed as part of the intellectual dark web, with the latter including public figures who oppose political correctness or social progressiveness in the name of having their own, free say.


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