09:15 GMT13 July 2020
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    In rare cases, twins or triplets fail to form adequately and separately, partially merging and thus resulting in either conjoined twins or babies with extra limbs being born.

    A 24-year-old Indian woman from the state of Rajasthan recently gave birth to twins, but while the baby boy was entirely healthy, his twin sister had an extra set of legs and an extra arm sticking out of her abdomen and her corpus, the Daily Mail reported. The anomaly comes as a surprise for the woman and her husband, who never underwent an ultrasound during the pregnancy.

    Despite the abnormal condition, the girl is stable and currently has only minor breathing problems. She is expected to be taken to a hospital in Jaipur to undergo paediatric surgery, which will see its extra limbs safely removed, the media outlet reported.

    According to doctors quoted by the British tabloid, the twins were originally triplets, with one of the babies merging with the girl at some point during foetal development. It's a rare fluke that sometimes leads to another serious condition – conjoined twins who share certain organs or parts of their bodies.


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