04:33 GMT22 January 2021
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    WASHINGTON (Sputnik) - A group of Russian voyagers conducting a round-the-world trip on a replica of an ancient wooden boat reached the United States and plan to head to Alaska to pay respect for pathfinders of the Russian America, according to the crew captain Sergey Sinelnik.

    With the help of the Russian Embassy a 40-fet sailboat named Pilgrim, a replica of the 18th century Pomor, was tied up at the landing near Washington.

    "We dream to reach Alaska, Aleut Islands and all places where the Russian-American Company (RAC) worked in 18-19 centuries and where St. Herman of Alaska preached the Russian Orthodoxy", Sinelnik, who traveled with his wife and 15 and 13-year old sons, said on Friday.

    "After that, we want to come back to Russia and voyage to the orifice of Yenisei River in Siberia through the Northern Sea Route and then to the cities of Arkhangelsk and Petrazavodsk".

    The Sinelniks started their trip two years ago from Petrazavodsk in Russia’s Karelia region. On the way to the United States they visited Estonia, Finland, Denmark, overwintered in Germany and then continued the voyage through the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, Portugal, and the Canaries and Caribbean Islands.

    "We demonstrate Russian cultural and shipbuilding traditions and gladly learn other cultures", Sinelnik said. "People, visiting our boat, show great interest in Russian culture and shipbuilding. They are looking for Pilgrim with big attention".

    Voyagers did not face any negatives related to the current political circumstances, he said.

    "Usually we see very positive reaction, sometimes people evince very enthusiastic attitude to our boat", he added.

    Speaking of further plans, Sinelnik said that the crew hopes to reach Seattle.

    "Ideally we want to go to Seattle but understand that it is possible to do only by land", he explained.

    "By water, we could go to Chicago or Duluth and then plunge the boat to the track", Sinelnik said.

    He said he hopes expats who own the tracking company could help with the project.


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