16:13 GMT18 February 2020
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    In today’s age of video streaming services, none have the content diversity or versatility of the two giants: Amazon Prime Video and Netflix, whose intense rivalry is steadily on the rise

    Amazon.com, Inc founder and CEO Jeff Bezos has taken to Instagram to share a photo of a packet of Eggos and revealing how much he enjoyed watching Stranger Things Season 3 with his kids and their friends.
    Bezos wrote: “Binged Stranger Things Season 3 yesterday with my kids and a few of their friends. God, Eggos are good, and the show was even better. Awesome season.”

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    Binged Stranger Things Season 3 yesterday with my kids and a few of their friends. God, Eggos are good, and the show was even better. Awesome season.

    Публикация от Jeff Bezos (@jeffbezos)

    The photograph showed Bezos' recreation of the “wall of lights” - one of the most iconic scenes from the series - together with a packet of Eggos, a beloved snack of Eleven, one of the lead characters.

    The wall of lights was used by the character Joyce, portrayed by Winona Ryder, to communicate with her son, Will, who was trapped in a parallel universe.
    The Amazon CEO’s generous acknowledgement of a TV show owned by long-time rival Netflix left many fans surprised, to say the least.
    One follower wrote: "Supporting Netflix, really????".

    Another quipped: “Read the caption. He didn't say on Netflix lol”.

    Another responded: "Are you jealous it's not on Prime Video?"

    “Netflix wouldn’t work without AWS”, wrote another.

    Netflix is also a client of Amazon's as it uses Amazon Web Service to host its videos.

    The popularity of Stranger Things Season 3, that Jeff Bezos referred to, has been soaring.
    According to Netflix, the latest season, released on 4 July, is breaking the streaming giant’s own records as 40.7 million “household accounts” have been watching the show ever since its global release on Thursday.

    Jeff Bezos, US technology entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist, is founder and CEO of Amazon.com, Inc.

    In today’s age of video streaming services, the two streaming giants Amazon Prime Video and Netflix have long been engaged in an intense rivalry, with Amazon rising to challenge its rival’s long-term supremacy, honing its service to achieve greater competitiveness in terms of pricing and catalogue, and enhancing its user experience.



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