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    Fueled by Love? Romantic Roadrunner Courts Woman with Lizards, Crickets (VIDEO)

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    What began as a shy sighting has evolved into a courting ritual as one charismatic and consistent fowl continues to express his love for a US woman through dance and showings of strength.

    Gushing with love, Twitter user Havi Brooks took to the social media platform Sunday to reveal to the world that she was being courted by a man who can provide, is consistent in his demonstrations of love and even has an affinity for dance. His name? Mr. Meepmeep.

    Initially unaware of the reason for roadrunner's strange behavior, Brooks, after chatting with her wildlife biologist buddy, revealed the bird may actually be engaging in a type of courtship ritual.

    AllAboutBirds.org says roadrunners, which generally form "lifelong bonds" with their mates, court by show they can provide for their partners, with males hopping on the backs of females while dangling food from their mouths to demonstrate their hunting skill.

    Though Brooks' back did not actually get close to the bird, that did not stop Mr. Meepmeep from showing his lizard catching skills.

    Always making sure to knock to alert Brooks of his presence and recent catches, the courting bird also flashes his tail and does a little jig at times, making it clear to his desired mate that he has rhythm.

    A couple days later, Brooks revealed she spotted Mr. Meepmeep upon her arrival home one day and rather than greet her empty handed, he dashed off to find not one, but two offerings worthy of his queen-to-be.

    The roadrunner was not the only friendly critter to appear at Brooks' side door. A bunny and even a bobcat have found her porch to be the perfect place to relax.

    Despite Mr. Meepmeep's best efforts in mating with Brooks, biology ultimately got in the way of their happily-ever-after. While the woman says her DMs are flooding with actual humans attempting to take Mr. Meepmeep's place, Brooks had to deliver a PSA, as most did not begin to bring half of the roadrunner's qualities to the table. 


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