15:10 GMT06 April 2020
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    A fortunate patron’s palate was met with something special after an overwhelmed UK steakhouse manager mistakenly served the diner a bottle of Bordeaux with a price point over 17 times that of the wine actually ordered.

    A botched order usually does not fall in favor of the customer, but one diner at Hawksmoor Manchester definitely felt lucky when it was revealed that he had enjoyed a £4,500 ($5,760) bottle of Chateau le Pin Pomerol 2001 instead of the £260 ($333) bottle of Chateau Pichon Longueville Contesse de Lalande he actually ordered.

    Though price is not everything for lovers of wine, the patron definitely enjoyed the expensive Bordeaux as he attempted to order another bottle for his table. Unfortunately, that was the only bottle the Manchester location of Hawksmoor had in stock.

    "A member of staff picked up the wrong bottle, mistaking it for another Bordeaux of the same vintage. The wine went out and was served to the customer," a Hawksmoor spokesperson told The Guardian in an email.

    Rather than whine about it, Hawksmoor Manchester's Twitter page made light of the mix-up and congratulated the customer for for receiving the expensive libation. Furthermore, the Manchester restaurant showed compassion towards the staffer who made the mistake, telling them to "chin up" and that "one-off mistakes" are bound to happen in the service industry.

    "The manager who made the mistake is obviously mortified: I'm fairly sure she's not gonna do it again," Beckett told The Guardian.

    After received hundreds of responses to their tweet, the steakhouse doubled down in defense of their staff by posting a picture of the two bottles side-by-side.

    While everything appeared to work itself out in the end, Twitter users were a little skeptical of the restaurant and its nonchalant response to the mix-up. Some even began asserting the whole ordeal was just a PR move.

    Many others appreciated the gesture and applauded the steakhouse for not taking action against the employee who made the mistake.


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