06:19 GMT +321 January 2020
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    Having pondered on the scale of the threat posed to Earth by wayward space rocks, Jeremy Clarkson suggested a method of dealing with an imminent asteroid impact, which is quite different from solutions proposed by NASA and probably a lot less expensive too.

    Commenting on recent media reports about some 700 previously unseen asteroids being observed close to our planet this year alone, world-famous English journalist and broadcaster Jeremy Clarkson warned that there are thousands of huge space rocks and that does not bode well for us.

    While NASA chief Jim Bridenstine warned earlier this week that mankind should be ready for a major threat from a killer asteroid that could collide with Earth, Clarkson reminisced about the damage wrought by the Chelyabinsk meteor in 2013 when “almost 1,500 people were injured and 7,200 buildings were damaged”.

    "And that was from a rock the size of a tennis court. Imagine if we were hit by a football pitch. Or something the size of Kim Kardashian’s backside. That’d be bye-bye life on Earth", the journalist wrote in his column for The Sun.

    After briefly pondering on whether Hollywood should make a movie “where Bruce Willis doesn’t win in the end”, to make people more aware of the asteroid threat, Clarkson also mentioned NASA’s upcoming “Double Asteroid Redirection Test” (DART) – the first spacecraft impact asteroid redirect mission scheduled to take place in 2021.

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    Pointing out that if that test results in an asteroid that wasn’t going to hit Earth being nudged on to a collision course, a simple “oops” won’t “cover it”, the journalist suggested a different course of actions in case of an imminent asteroid impact.

    "If you are told that an asteroid is ­coming and it’s going to wipe us out, you simply walk to the nearest off-licence where you buy as much vodka as you can carry. You then take it home… and drink the lot", he wrote.


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