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    ‘Gymtimidation?’ Nearly Half of Americans Fear Working Out Around Others – Study

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    A new study shows one in two Americans suffers from gymtimidation: uneasiness or anxiety experienced during the act, or even thought, of exercising within a communal setting.

    Though joining a gym may seem like a massive task in itself, a recent OnePoll survey sponsored by protein mix-maker Isopure revealed close to 50 percent of the American public suffers from gym-related anxiety when working out around others.

    The 2,000-person study, released March 19, examined the respondents' exercise routines and habits and found that a whopping 48 percent of Americans feel "intimidated" by the sheer number of classes and group workout activities offered at their gyms.

    Of those who reported feelings of anxiety in communal exercise areas, 32 percent experienced increased uneasiness while working out near someone they perceived to be "extremely fit."

    Despite its name, gymtimidation can also occur outside a facility, as at least 36 percent of respondents claimed being seen running outside is more intimidating than starting an exercise routine indoors. 

    Interestingly enough, those who do manage to make it to the gym and develop a routine that fits their lifestyle are not necessarily the happiest with themselves. Two in five respondents reported feeling as if they had reached their physical plateau and were no longer making positive gains in fitness.

    "Consistency in your fitness plan is fundamental to get results, but eventually the body adapts, and plateaus can occur. A fresh activity or workout routine can help break you out of the fitness rut by forcing you to adapt," Isopure general manager Jonathan Thompson told Yahoo News. 

    Though at least 41 percent of those who have plateaued claim to have gained weight while stuck in the rut, the survey also found that a majority of those respondents did not prefer or welcome making changes to their routines.

    "Often times people not only find themselves in a fitness rut, they also encounter fatigue when it comes to their meal plan and supplementation," Isopure brand manager Jonathan Ochoa suggested, adding that "water-based, fruit-flavored proteins" may be the key giving someone that extra kick while also providing something "to look forward to after a tough workout." 


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