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    Rise and Grind: Survey Shows Early Birds Have More Sex

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    Results from new survey measuring and comparing shared habits between self-identified early birds and night owls show striking differences within categories such as love, sex, money and sleep quality.

    In examining a recent survey by Sleepopolis, it would appear the early bird gets the worm and then some! Ahead of World Sleep Day on March 15, the company, which refers to itself as the "ultimate sleep destination," decided to ask a simple question: "What do our sleeping habits reveal about our personalities?"

    Partnering with OnePoll, the findings result from a survey of 2,000 Americans who were divided into those who like to rise early and those who like to stay up late.

    In the case of love-making and romance, Sleepopolis revealed that early birds are, on average, have sex three times a week, are more likely to be married and even more likely to believe in love at first sight.

    Their counterparts, on the other hand, were said to engage in the horizontal mambo only twice a week, are generally single and apparently believe ghosts and cryptids are more likely to exist than love at first sight. 

    While these particular findings appear to relate more to the life of a married person versus a single individual, additional categories reveal some interesting tidbits.

    Although the average night owl is said to be single, the survey found them to prefer sleeping with a significant other (or even a pet) in the bed. Interestingly enough, early birds were more likely to be an annoyance to their partner by talking, snoring and moving around in their sleep.

    In addition to dealing with issues falling asleep, many night owls were said to also exhibit traits of "perfectionism, shyness and sarcasm," unlike the reportedly "happy, friendly and confident" early birds.

    While a chipper attitude may be a product of making more money on average for those who wake early, further findings within the survey reveal early birds are actually late to work more often than those who burn the midnight oil. 

    Concluding their report, Sleepopolis made a point of reminding readers that despite the findings, the real attention should be given to how much uninterrupted sleep one is getting on a consistent basis.

    "More important than being a night owl or an early bird is making sure to have a consistent sleep schedule and get enough rest," Logan Block, director of content for Sleepopolis, told the NY Post Tuesday. 


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