03:23 GMT07 August 2020
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    Protecting religious minorities has been a key priority of the Trump administration, partly due to Vice President Mike Pence’s close ties to Christian advocacy groups.

    Co-founder of The Satanic Temple Lucien Greaves has stated that US Vice President Mike Pence's "theocratic" vision for the US is what "really scares" him, The Daily Beast reported.

    "Bush was a true believer; Trump doesn't really try. But I think the evangelicals are happy with Pence, and happy that he's assigning the [federal judge] appointees", explains Greaves. "Trump is too stupid to predict; the guy has no concept of his own limitations. The thing that makes me most comfortable with Trump is the fact that he has no vision. Mike Pence really scares me: Pence has a clear, theocratic vision for the United States", he claimed.

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    Indeed, Pence once described himself as "a Christian, a conservative and a Republican, in that order".

    According to The Daily Beast, the US vice president also rejects the theory of evolution and is rabidly anti-gay, having previously supported conversion therapy. In 1993 he signed a Religious Freedom Restoration Act into law that "ensures that interests in religious freedom are protected" while serving as governor of Indiana.


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