09:15 GMT10 May 2021
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    China’s consulate general in Toronto, Canada, warned Chinese citizens in the country not to use marijuana, which was legalized for recreational use there on October 17.

    China, Japan and South Korea have all warned their citizens against partaking in activities involving cannabis, although the Chinese letter is a bit more chill to the idea than South Korea's. 

    "The consulate would like to remind the Chinese citizens in the consular district, especially international students, in order to protect your own physical and mental health, please avoid contact or using marijuana," the letter said.

    It went on to advise citizens not to travel abroad with the drug, which is illegal in China.

    "The regulation of marijuana might cause severe consequences to foreigners living in Canada," the letter said, adding, "If someone breaks the law on marijuana regulation and is sentenced, that person with a criminal record can possibly be deported."

    The letter reminded Chinese citizens that selling the drug, giving it to minors or taking it through customs are all illegal.

    Seoul, for its part, vowed swift prosecution of anyone who smokes the plant in Canada upon their return to South Korea.


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