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    Amateur snake rescuer gets bitten in Odisha, India

    WATCH: Amateur Snake Rescuer Escapes with Life After Being Bitten

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    A 40-year-old man trying to offer his assistance in removing a venomous cobra from a building in Odisha, India, saw his life flash before his eyes last week after he was bitten by the snake.

    According to the Asia Times, Sukumar Mahanadia was called to the scene by local residents who wanted the slithering reptile removed from the grounds. Video footage of the October 3 incident shows Mahanadia holding the snake by its tail, repeatedly swinging it in a circular motion before attempting to lure it into a sack. His attempts, however, were not successful.

    ​Things quickly took a turn for the worse when Mahanadia then opted to pin down the snake with a hook-like rod so that he could grab it by its head. As The Times of India states, this, too, was a failure, as the snake retaliated by sinking its fangs into the amateur rescuer's left hand.

    Concerned residents then immediately whisked Mahanadia away to a nearby hospital. Additional footage from the hospital shows Mahanadia receiving treatment for the swelling around his bite wound.

    Though it's fair to say that the snake won its match against Mahanadia, it was eventually captured and relocated to a forest after an official from the Snake Helpline was called to the scene, Asia Times reported. By the time the unidentified official arrived in the area, the snake had reportedly snuck into another building in Odisha's Koraput district.

    This bite comes weeks after another snake rescuer in India's Bhadrak state was able to successfully remove a deadly king cobra that had become stuck in a plastic crate meant for carrying sodas.


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