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    Know Your Chances of Dying: Activities & Sports That’ll Make You Kick the Bucket

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    Climbing in the Himalayas, skydiving or simply jogging on a day off - various chances of perishing in ordinary or extraordinary ways have been spelled out by a US health portal.

    The Best Health Care Degrees outlined that a person's chances of dying from hang gliding are 1 in 560, while base jumping was named the most dangerous assorted sports and recreational activity, 1 in 60.

    For mountaineering fans, expert climbing in Nepal sees chances of dying add up to 1 in 167, while mountain skiing appears to be much more safe, with chances of breaking one's neck equaled to 1 in 1.4 million.

    For some people, the "beat is too sweet," as one in `100,000 people actually die at dance parties. Computer games kill 1 in 100 million people, according to the presented stats.

    One of the most dangerous sports, identified by the portal, is Grand Prix racing. The mortality rate among race car drivers is set to be 1 in 100. It is much safer to take interest and play American football (1 in 50,000) or go swimming (1 in 1 million).

    The portal's figures on ways to die early are based on collated statistics from the US National Center for Health Statistics' database.


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