17:35 GMT18 April 2021
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    Kim Kardashian has been a role model for millions of girls across the globe. Kairah Kelly, a transgender girl from England, is no exception.

    A 17-year-old transgender girl from North Yorkshire, England was born a boy named Tyler and was struggling with her identity as a teenager, The Mirror reports. Tyler would walk around the family house wearing makeup, nail varnish and heels. Tyler came out as bisexual at the age of 11.

    It was apparently a video about a transgender woman that made him realize he was trapped in the wrong body.

    While everyone usually sleeps at half 5 in the morning I do a 52 picture photoshoot 😂💗

    Публикация от Kairah Kelly (@kairahkelly_) 13 Авг 2018 в 2:37 PDT

    In 2015, Tyler finally identified himself as transgender and announced he would change his name to Kairah. After that, Kairah started a physical transition to an ideal self. Since then, she has spent a whopping £14,710 ($18,700) on her looks, funding her makeover by promoting beauty and fashion products online. The price tag included lip fillers, makeup and hair extensions, let alone designer shoes, skinny jeans and a waist trainer.

    Kairah admits she wears a corset-like top 20 hours a day, but she believes it's totally worth it.

    "I want to have a tiny waist, just like Kim Kardashian and am willing to go through pain to achieve that," she said, as quoted by The Daily Mail.

    The girl has been dating a man she met online, who is apparently OK with his girlfriend being transgender.

    "We've only been together six weeks but it's going really well. I told him before we even met up that I am trans, but he was so supportive."

    Now Kairah is set to start hormone therapy as she prepares for a sex reassignment surgery in the next two years.


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