07:30 GMT01 March 2021
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    Police learned about the victim from a villager who accidentally discovered the horrible truth about the woman's disappearance. The shaman now faces charges that can put him in prison for 15 years, equivalent to the time he stole from the victim.

    Indonesian police have arrested 83-year-old Jago, a local village shaman, who is accused of illegally imprisoning and abusing a13-year-old girl, simply referred to as HS in case materials, who spent 15 years in a hole between two giant rocks near the village of Galumpang, Central Sulawesi, The Jakarta Post reported.

    Preliminary findings by local police indicate that the man could have sexually abused the woman, who claimed that she had missed her period several times throughout her captivity. She also said that the shaman had given her potions to abort her pregnancies.

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    Jago, who is facing charges in accordance with the Child Protection Law for forcibly having sex with a minor, lured HS into a cave promising that he would marry her to the jin (a spirit) of her boyfriend Amrin. Police believe that the shaman brainwashed her into believing that the jin had possessed Jago's body in order to "satisfy his lust." The shaman also convinced her that the jin was guarding the exit, which effectively prevented HS from attempting to escape.

    The shaman deceived her parents, saying that HS had gone to Jakarta to earn money. However, her sister, who was married to Jago's son, allegedly knew about HS's fate and even threatened the husband with revealing the truth, but never had the chance to do so. The argument between the spouses was overheard by one of the villagers, who reported it to police. The sister and her husband are now being questioned by police, according to The Jakarta Post.


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