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    'Waste of Young Lives': London Teenage Suicide Rates Up By Over 100% in 3 Years

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    Newly published data has revealed a worrying trend in the number of youths taking their own lives in the UK’s capital city.


    The number of teenagers committing suicide in London increased by 107 percent from 2013 to 2016, four times the growth rate for England and Wales combined, the Independent newspaper reported today.

    Researchers said the abnormal rise in the number of teenage suicides in London is due to increasing levels of deprivation in some neighborhoods leading to a sense of hopelessness.

    London’s “over-pressured” environment was also identified as a driving factor.

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    The data was obtained and complied by Brent Center for Young People via freedom of information requests, and the center’s adolescent psychotherapist, Valentina Levi, said “We have been flooded with cases over the past year and are really worried about what is happening out there with some of the young people we are seeing.”

    She proceeded to warn that youngsters feel they have no future and are under immense pressure, in terms of both education and employment.

    “Many young people from more deprived neighborhoods really feel they have no hope in terms of the future they are facing – in terms of education and jobs. They don't feel they have any hope of getting anywhere,” she added.

    In addition to the surge in suicide rates, self-harm in London increased by 30 percent over the same period, while anxiety surged by over 50 percent.

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    Dr. Maxim de Sauma, the center’s director, described the figures as “shocking and worrying” and said more needs to be done.

    “When young people with crippling or disabling mental health conditions are not given the support they need, it wastes lives — and what we are seeing in London and elsewhere is a needless waste of young lives,” he said.

    “People are much more over-pressured here than they are in other parts of the UK. Parents are less able to prioritize difficulties because they are under a lot of stress. It goes on from one generation to another – so the damage is continuous.



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