09:44 GMT19 January 2021
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    Recreational cannabis will be legalized in Canada this year, but consumables, such as beer, will only get permission later, in 2019.

    Dooma Wendschuh used to work as a writer in the video game industry, having worked on famous titles such as Assassin's Creed, but his career path took an unexpected turn, as he decided to invent a healthier alternative to alcohol. Thus, he set his eyes on cannabis in a bid to brew a beer that makes you high instead of drunk.

    Wendschuh revealed in his interview with The Star Halifax media outlet that many important moments in his life have been tied with psychoactive substances — even his marriage wouldn't happen if it were not for the champagne in his blood as he proposed. But what always brought frustration was the "trade off" that each person makes each time they consume alcohol — one sacrifices one's health in order to acquire an altered state of mind.

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    With this idea in mind he created his firm, Province Brands, and started experimenting, trying to turn waste byproducts from cannabis farms into beer. Right now he's working on two methods — adding cannabis oil to non-alcoholic beer brewed from barley and making one completely from the notorious plant.

    According to Wendschuh, the production is complicated by the peculiarities of metabolizing cannabis- it is absorbed slower than alcohol, but sustains its effect longer, while the brewer is trying to bring his product as close to ordinary beer as possible in terms of its effects.

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    Wendschuh is confident, that if he succeeds, the invention will revolutionize the alcohol market. He has also expressed a hope that his experiment will eventually lead to governments and regulators rethinking their views on substance policies, legalizing more of them.


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